11/8 – 12/5/2021 Bahia Conception, Bay of LA, MidRiff Islands & San Carlos

As Kook sailed south we headed north stopping first at Bahia Santa Domingo at the top of Bahia Conception and saw one of the most amazing sunsets. We even had some bars on our phones!

In Bahia Conception there are several anchorages but one of favorites was El Burro with a shore lined with small, colorful beach houses, many for American Ex Pats. One day we took a hike up a little mountain behind the beach.

We’d read that the rocks were so rich in iron that the rang like a bell when struck!
We hitched a ride in to Mulege to visit an ATM and get some pesos. It was shocking to see so much water and green!

While anchored in Puerto Don Juan in Bahia de Los Angeles we foraged for the local clams! They were abundant and delicious.

Sunrise in Puerto Don Juan

We sailed over to the pueblo at Bahia de Los Angeles and visited the most amazing little museum featuring shells and bones from thousands of sea critters and marine life. That afternoon we sailed up to Isla La Ventana to a beautiful but tight anchorage. It was calm and the sunset was awesome but we knew the wind was supposed to come up and change directions in the middle of the night.

This show of the Chart Plotter instruments at 03:43 in the morning shows our original anchor drift track to the left and the moment when the wind shifted 180 degrees and settle for a while before our anchor dragged then re-set. It was nerve wracking in the middle of the night.
We sailed east across the Sea stopping off at the barren Isla San Estaban to anchor on the south west corner.  No person, building or boat as far as the eye could see...only birds and frolicking sea Lions.

We continued east to Isla Tiburon and spotted a couple very large whales, then sailed south stopping first at a small, isolated anchorage called Pozo Moreno. The stark beauty of the extraordinary rock formations and chaparral were typical of the Sea of Cortez

Southward to San Carlos we stopped in La Condesa and had a late afternoon lunch at the Soggy Peso. Samsara was the only boat in the bay and the restaurants were pretty empty. But we are usually happy to be served guacamole and chips!

Looking south from our anchorage at La Condesa we could see the famous Tetas de Cabra (literally translated: goat tits). The next day we were on the other side looking north tucked safely in our slip.

Marina San Carlos became our home for a couple weeks. We took advantage of being in a slip to clean Samsara’s bottom, polish the top sides and stainless steel. This photo was taken from the top of the mast of our neighbor boat, Pura Vida. Jeff volunteered to be hoisted up her tall mast to repair Pura Vida’s wind vane, since neither the owner nor the crew were willing. As payment, Captain Bernd, insisted on treating us to a nice dinner. A fair trade for sure!

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