9/23 – 11/7/2021 Exploring The Sea Of Cortez North

The summer months in Banderas Bay are hot and muggy with nightly thunderstorms. We were happy to escape the heat and humidity and get back on the water.

Before we pulled out of our marina, we made one last trip into Buccerias with our friends on Kook, passing this mural, typical of Mexican street art.

Enjoying good food, a drink or two with our dock mates, the crew from “Kook” .

We waited until a hurricane passed and headed out of the harbor passing a marina landmark!

Our first stop was The Marias, a small island group previously serving as a prison site and off limits to people and all marine travel. To stay over night requires a permit which we did not have. We were busted by the Mexican Navy and Jeff sweet talked them into letting us stay the night over the radio.

Isla Isabella, home to the Blue Footed Boobies and Magnificent Frigate birds was our next stop. On the way Katie caught a Pacific Bonito that put up a hell of a fight only to be released back into the deep blue sea.
We anchored, spent the night and woke up to the arrival of our friends on the sailing vessel, Kook. Kook and Samsara would sail together for the next couple weeks to San Juanico where Kook would head to La Paz to be sold and Samsara would continue on to points north.

Thanks to Jeff….FRESH FISH FOR DINNER!!!

We left the anchorage at 4 am heading north to Mazatlan and caught the moon setting in the west and the sun rising in the east.

Our biggest ocean hazard, the dastardly shrimp boats who motivate the sea at night with no radar and no respect for sailors.

Dinner at Presidio in historic old town Mazatlan with Bill, David, and Linda the crew from Kook (not sure how we made it home safely after being “over served” by our waiter)!

We left Mazatlan sailing west all day and through the night and were rewarded with this the next morning.

We arrived at Bahia Los Muertos about 1400 and had an early dinner on shore and enjoyed remarkable sunset.

With favorable winds we sailed north up the Canal de San Lorenzo towards Espiritu Santo and surprisingly had cell service part of the way!

ENSENADA GRANDE one of our most favorite spots in the Sea of Cortez! Noted for crystal clear turquoise water, white sandy bottom and truly stunning rock formations that frame this beautiful bay. A special spot for sure. Flip through the slide show below to see why we love this place so much….

Kook and Samsara continued north in winds much stronger than predicted. This video shows Kook struggling to maintain forward momentum before they turned around and headed back. Samsara weathered the storm a bit better and continued on making an unplanned but necessary stop at Isla San Francisco to get out of the blow.
San Evaristo and Kook resting safely in the bay
Another Sea of Cortez personal favorite…Agua Verde
In Puerto Escondido we joined the Day of the Dead celebrations with Katrina.
On our way north from Puerto Escondido we anchored in the bay on the south west corner of Isla Coronado and were visited by a large pod of Dolphin.
“Ciao for now” to our friends on Kook: Captain Bill Smith, First Mate David Roddy and Chef Extraordinare, Linda Steidel! We will miss seeing you across the water but look forward to a reunion!

One thought on “9/23 – 11/7/2021 Exploring The Sea Of Cortez North

  1. i think thats exactly what “retirement” is to look like !!!

    and what you envisioned years ago when you went out on a limb to acquire Sansara !

    very good to see your shared adventures and explorations, even if its not sailing the other side of the world, sure looks like the good life to me !!

    happy new year and cheers to 2022 !

    Brent Martini MEOT http://www.martinitrust.com



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