1/2 – 1/25/21 Puerto Escondido to Careyes

Leaving Puerto Escondido (Loreto) with high winds and building seas looking back on the rugged coastline.

Crossing the Sea of Cortes on an overnight passage, we anchored off Topolobampo for a day setting sail that evening for Altata, Sinaloa, rumored to be an enclave of beach homes for the cartel. After navigating a very shallow bay we found a slip at Marina Cortes which made us feel like we landed in the Swiss Family Robinson movie set.

A common sight day and night and a navigational hazard were the shrimp boats, sometimes anchored in 150′ five miles off shore with no AIS to warn us. Kept us on our toes.

We loved the historic district of Mazatlan with its colorful old buildings, great restaurants and galleries. Would have loved to spend more time there but had a crew to pick up in Puerto Vallarta.

Our final stop before Puerto Vallarta was beautiful ISLA ISABELLA, a paradise for naturalists and bird watchers. A Mexican national park and official nature preserve, Jacques Cousteau spent much time here studying the amazing wildlife, most particularly the marine birds including the spectacular blue footed booby and the ocean frigates with their 6 ft wing spans!

We landed our dinghy in front of the very small fishing village and found a marked hiking trail that lead us up to a lake and around the island.

The frigatebirds, which can stay aloft for weeks at a time, were everywhere nesting in trees about eye level. Unique among aquatic birds, their feathers are not waterproof so they can land in the water to rest. Males sport a vivid red pouch along their throats that they inflate to attract females. We rescued one that foundered in the water behind Samsara and took her to recover on land.

Know as the official mascot of the Galapagos and also found on Isla Isabella, the magnificent “Blue Footed Boobies” are monogamous creatures and were in the midst of full mating season! The bright blue color in their feet comes from the pigments obtained from their diet of fresh fish. Nests are constructed by the females on the ground where they sit on beautiful blue eggs. We witnessed their notorious mating dance and watched the humorous “waddle” that gave them their name.

A happy sailor after a wonderful day watching boobies!

In Puerto Vallarta we were excited to greet Samsara’s first international guests/crew members. Setting sail immediatley for Chamela and Careyes.

And the games began….

Our destination in Careyes was that yellow house on the cliff. But first we had to visit the local clinic for a Covid test before being allowed to mingle.

Test at 0900, results at 1530. TODOS NEGATIVOS!

It was great to have more hands on deck.

Good times and great company.

Our motley crew.

Special thanks to our generous and gracious hosts and treasured friends.
Fun and games!

One thought on “1/2 – 1/25/21 Puerto Escondido to Careyes

  1. Dear Ones… I am so enjoying seeing your adventures and the amazing beauty of the places you are visiting… Thanks for including me in your circle of old friends… xosara


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