Kate’s Blog #6

At the end of a dreadful, oppressive, sober, year where a deadly pandemic with the same name as a Mexican beer, the “corona virus”, wrecked painful and hopeless havoc on our world, and with the anticipation of an effective vaccine on the horizon, I can imagine the cosmetic chemist at Chanel responsible for the formulation of the 2021 color trends might derive immense inspiration from the magnificent, dramatic and optimistic kaleidoscope of color that the geography here in the Sea of Cortez presents.  The craggy coastline appears both harshly arid, insipid, oppressive, heavy, unintelligent and cruel, yet at the same time, uniquely gentle, soothing, delicate, dreamy, welcoming, soft, and luxuriously refined.

The looming jagged volcanic stones that jut out of the sea and bulge over the tender coastline that hovers above the habitat of graceful rays, multicolored fish, playful sea turtles and fragile coral offer a succession of volcanic hues from a matte noir charcoal ( with a fine pointed brush line the bottom underneath the lashes and the top of the eye extending out to at the corner to produce a cat eye affect ) from the dark basalt rock, to elephant hide suede grey ( with a ¼ inch flat brush apply to the crease of the eye and fan slightly to achieve depth), to the welcomed respite of a simple ecru (apply with a ½ inch brush as a base color on the entire eyelid including up to and underneath the brow), to shiny penny copper orange (using a small brush, dab on the lid above the tear duct and blend inward toward the center of the eyelid stopping short of the exact center) from the oxidized iron.  Hazelnut chocolate brown (using an angled small brush draw the brow with a gentle arch) and flax tan striations wind through the sedimentary layers and finish into a subtle blush pink (using large natural brush use to accent in the hollows of the cheek) compressed ash called “tufo” that congeals in powdery looking formations that mimic gigantic mushrooms and appear to have a similar density.   

There is little if, any, visible soil and while seeming completely unyielding, prickly cacti and scraggly plants seem to find a way to spring like magic from the nooks and crannies of the earth dotting the landscape with an array of green ranging from bright yellow grass green to survival army green to sun washed olive (apply at the corner of the eye and fan inward toward the center of the lid).  Stark white (use beneath the tail of the eyebrow to accentuate its natural arch) tree trunks that look as if they oozed in liquid form out of the cracks of the iron orange rocks and then hardened instantly support leafy bonnets.

The sea below is the clearest I have ever seen including the famous blue green of the Caribbean.  The sand is soft and buttery and as white as the pearls ( tie a long strand tight around your neck, choker style, then let a long pearlescent tail fall down your back) in the oysters that rest on the sea’s floor wooing one to wade out and take a sweet swim.  The crystal clear turquoise water ( using a ¼ inch brush, apply to the direct center of the lid to add dimension and blend into the colors on either side) is so transparent you can see the white sand  beneath reminiscent of  Paul Newman’s eyes.  When the water is more shaded from the bright sun directly beneath the rocky coastline, the color is like the stormy iridescence of Labradorite ( choose a shiny embossed leather low pump with a slim sexy ankle strap) and as the waves perform a pas de deux on the water’s surface, the color transforms from black ( a simple slim fitting sheath, high neck and a cut out back) laced with shards of pale yellow-gold light bursts to a dark shadowy chiffon green.  

When the midday sun’s rays wring out nature’s vibrancy, the sky ranges from a milky opaque white-ish blue to vibrant periwinkle (use a liquid liner brush to apply on the ledge of the lower eye lid to create a playful drama) or cornflower blue later in the afternoon as the sun begins to sink.  Opalescent egg white (use underneath lip color)

Sea of Cortez sunsets are spectacular and never dull, an abstract Rothko painting of melding soft lemon golds, vibrant tangerine oranges, rose petal pinks (directly on the cheek bones to highlight), and cherry magentas ( apply generously on lips) floating in a sea sky of intense turquoise.  

The night skies, uninterrupted by intrusive city lights, present a celestial panoply of a zillion flickering shimmering stars ( choose 6: 3 per ear, that graduate from larger to smaller) that assemble themselves into 88 different collections depicting hunters, animals, warriors, sisters and even two sizes of measuring cups.  The glimmering display is so dense, that it presents the quandary as to whether the stars are in the night sky or if the night sky is in the stars.  A paradox as is life itself.

So 2021, I welcome you with all your color, your open hearted optimism, your fragrant sweetness, your amorous flirtations, your consoling whispers, and your grace. 

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