6/1/22 – 6/25/22: Tahiti

With Samsara on the hard and repairs ongoing we rented a car and circumnavigated Tahiti Nui looking for a museum that was apparently closed and stopped off at the Vaipahi Gardens, which were a surprising delight.

Along the way we stopped at a few of the ancient Marae, the stacked stone, ceremonial/religious sights and stumbled onto some dancers practicing for the big Hieva competition coming up soon. They told us not to shoot any pictures so this clandestine video is not the best. It was really cool!

We also drove down to the famous Teahupoo where the waves were huge, but we got there too late in the day to arrange a boatride out to see them and the brave surfers. I did get Katie catching a wave however.

Once Samsara was back in the water we moved around to the NW side of the island in Taina Marina. It was beautiful with views of Moorea in the distance.

While side tied in the marina we got the parts in to repair the main roller furler (pictured is the damaged flange), installed a new tricolor light on the mast top, replaced the faulty bilge pump and changed out all of AGM house batteries for new Lithium Ion batteries. A little pricey but so much better!

Invited by neighboring cruisers we went to an organized performance of Ukelele singers and dancers of all ages. We shot too much video and I’ve tried to reduce it to some of the best ones. Very entertaining!
These youngest dancers are so focused thoroughly committed they’re guaranteed to make you smile.
It appears that everyone in Tahiti must learn to dance at some time.
This was the grand finale!

Katie and I also had the time (while waiting for parts to arrive) to take an 8 day scuba re-certification class that included dives in the lagoon and outside the reef. Great fun!

One of our favorite restaurants we discovered close to the marina was the Blue Banana which offered good food, great service and amazing views!

So we had guests coming towards the end of June and we planned to sail to Fakarava a week before their arrival to get the lay of the land but the day we took off we discovered that our depth sounder was not working. We had to order a new one and it took about one week to arrive from Florida. We did a lot of waiting in this paradise but it was a good place to be delayed. Once it arrived our favorite tradesman, Thomas the electrician, installed it the same day and we were ready to go to Fakarava in the Tuamotus!

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