12/12/2021 — 2022 : San Carlos to Puerto Escondido for Christmas with Family

After our Copper Canyon adventure we crossed back over the Sea of Cortez to Baja then south to Puerto Excondido/Loreto to pick up Katie’s sister Janet and husband Ron to join us for a Christmas cruise.

With Samsara all cleaned up and ready to go in the beautiful Puerto Escondido Marina Kate and I provisioned then picked up our guests for the sail north.

We stopped first and Isla Coronado for the night and explored the shoreline.

When Kate & I had been in San Juanico a month earlier we arranged with “The Farm” to take us all on a mule ride so Christmas eve morning we made the 1K walk out to the farm.

We took a ride south and inland through the chaparal then down to the beach and back along the shore. It was beautiful!
At the end of the day we grilled steaks on the beach reminiscing about past Christmas eve dinners.
Moonrise off the stern.
Ron is an eager, persistent and consummate fisherman. Here you can watch an expert land a Pacific Bonito. These are the most common fish in the Sea of Cortez and a good fighter. We tried eating it once and that was enough. We let these go!

Another example of Ron’s prowess. I think that’s a kind of Trigger Fish. We let him go as well.

After many hours of trolling we finally caught a beautiful Mahi Mahi! We didn’t let this one go!

Proud father! Here Ron is having a heart to heart with Ms. Mahi Mahi expressing his serious gratitude. Tastey!

Ron generously brought all kinds of tackle, new boxes and a spin cast rod and reel which I duly organized. Kate’s not very happy with the cabinet space this is using but this is essential stuff and needs to be accessible!

Back in Puerto Escondido we had our Mahi Mahi prepared by the restaurant and shared with fellow cruisers. On the 28th Janet & Ron taxied to the airport and we celebrated our 34th wedding anniversary. Life is good!

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