9/1 – 9/21/2021 Mexican inland adventure

First stop, Hacienda Labor de Rivera outside of Teuchitlan. Driving on a pot-holed dirt road through corn fields Katie protested that this couldn’t be the right way but we came to this gate.

The gate opened….

Turns out we were the only guests and we enjoyed the doting staff and beautiful grounds.

At the Tequileño Distillery we learned about the tequila making process and enjoyed an amazing lunch.

Teuchitlan; a Pueblo Magico with narrow cobblestone streets with brightly colored buildings and magnificent murals.

Above Teuchitlan are the Guachimontones’ ruins, unique in Meso America for their round pyramids. The above picture was taken from the top of the largest but un-excavated pyramid.
The excellent museum on site, including this mural helps one imagine what life may have looked like 1000 years ago.
Did we mention that the streets in Guanajuato are narrow?

Our wonderful Hotel, The Casa Del Rector, carved out of a 500 year old building was on just such a street. Guanajuato know for it’s Spanish colonial architecture was bustling and colorful.

Guanajuato is built in a narrow valley. We took the panoramic drive around the city to visit silver mines and take in the views.

In San Miguel de Allende our Hotel, Casa Quebrada was also carved out of an ancient building but beautiful and modern once through the door.

We walked from our hotel a short distance to the main square. The Parroquia de San Miguel Arcángel dominates the square.

Walking the streets one sees many old and interesting doorways. Occaisionaly an open doorway reveals a beautiful home and lush courtyard.

We visited the square at night.

On to Mexico City where we visited the iconic ruins of Teotihuácan about 45 minutes north east of the city. Ruins that were over 1000 years old when Cortez arrived and destroyed Tenochtitlan now buried under downtown Mexico City.

Though so old and continuously looted the ruins are still an awesome spectacle. Our excellent guide Enrique gave us many insights helping us not only appreciate the pre-Columbian history but also his own interesting life and experiences.

In Mexico City we stayed in an area called La Condessa with tree lined streets, shops, restaurants, hotels and lots of people moving around. They Love their dogs….

We walked the streets, shopped, watched the people and sampled delicious street food.

After visiting Diego Rivera’s Anahuacalli Museum Katie said she was done with seeing any more ruins….

The drive south to Oaxaca took us through some breathtaking vistas.

But there were more ruins and Monte Alban, outside of Oaxaca, some of the oldest, continuously inhabited buildings were perhaps the most impressive. Our guide Mario was a gem.

Hotel Sin Nombre in the Oaxaca Centro was different a special.

We visited a town outside of Oaxaca that specialized in making textiles and got a thorough lesson in rug making. Katie was very happy.

We walked the streets and took in the sights doing a little shopping.

Beautiful at night as well.

We drove back north to Cholula to see what was once the largest pyramid (by volume) in the world but of course the Spanish have built a church on top of the mound that is left and there was a carnival at it’s base. Sad and perverted.

Heading back to Samsara we stopped one night in Morelia. Our hotel was again very modern carved out of an ancient building. We were the only guests!

Though during the right season one can see the Monarch Butterflies in Morelia, all we saw as another old church and tacky goods.

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