3/17 – 4/2/2021 On the Hard in PV-Sail Drive Repair


Because she wasn’t shifting into gear reliably we had Samsara hauled out at Opequimar Shipyard in Puerto Vallarta to have her sail drive repaired.

Across the street from the Shipyard the Westin allowed easy access to Samsara and downtown Puerto Vallarta.

Katie’s birthday dinner at Tintoque in the Zona Romantica in PV. Lookin’ good for 45!

Back on Samsara we removed the sail drive and found that a small leak of seawater from the exhaust manifold had created a little bigger problem. We needed more parts and that took additional weeks

While waiting we explored the downtown. This is Katie’s favorite little marketplace.

All over Mexico, we found hanging decorations in the streets…never ceased to bring a smile to our faces.

One night we ran across this magical park all made of mosaics. Amazing!

Not uncommon sights of local PV nightlife….

We had dinner one evening on the Malecon next to a table of nice fellows that were members of the multi grammy winning band Maná that apparently everyone knew but us. The local street musicians played for them and Maná sang along. We later looked them up on ITunes and fell in love with their music.

We hired our UBER driver/friend Sergio to drive us 2 hours east into the mountains to visit San Sebastien del’Oueste, one of 132 “Pueblo Magicos” in all of Mexico.

The rebuilt sail drive was re-installed with newly PropSpeed painted prop!

Back in the water and on to the next leg of our adventure!

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