11/25 – 12/12/20 Newport Beach to La Paz, BC

After too many farewell dinners and false starts we slipped quietly out of Alamitos Bay Marina at 0430 Hours to begin our journey south.

First stop, San Diego, rising before dawn and setting a course for Ensenada, Mexico.

BIENVENIDOS A MEXICO! Arrived at Marina Coral in Ensenada, checked into Mexico at the local customs and immigration office then enjoyed a Thanksgiving dinner of local specialties and “skinny” margaritas: 38 USD.

After clearing customs, and a good night’s sleep….our journey into Mexico begins
Anchored 1/2 mile off the broad headland at Colonet with no other boats in sight enjoying the sunset and solitude.

Anchor weighed. On a mission. Continuing south with the cutest V.I.P. escorts ever! ( click the video below)

With our usual early departure and ready for an overnight trip, from Colonet we set sail to San Quintin ( pronounced “San Keen Teen”). From San Quintin we headed for Turtle Bay but passed it up the next morning deciding to continue on to Asuncion. We anchored before sunset off the village noticing there was something wrong with our prop when in reverse. Next morning the captain donned a wet suit and dove in to find a yellow nylon line tangled in our prop. Someone’s fish trap now floating free!

From Asuncion we set a course for an overnight passage to Santa Maria Cove outside Magdallena Bay. En route, we had decided to bypass Saint Ignacio Lagoon famous for being a nursery for migrating Gray Whales regrettably thinking we were just too early to see them. And voila! Within minutes of deciding to continue south and while crossing the Bahia de Ballenas (Bay of Whales), we were treated to a most spectacular private show by two enormous and seemingly very communicative humpbacks that lasted over an hour! A day to remember forever!

Fin slapping spy hopping incredible creatures!
THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH! We saw lots of breaches but only managed to film a few.
The whales did not appear shy, did not veer away from us or appear bothered that we were so close. Rather, it seemed honestly like they wanted to talk to us with their slapping, breaching, and blowing. It was magical!
After sailing all night, we arrived at Cabo San Lucas. Here, a view from the water, shows the famous rock arch pictured in every local postcard, at the far right of the photo. What we chose NOT to document was how built up and dense the area is now….condo after condo after hotel after hotel. It has been years since we had been here. Katie spent her 40th birthday here ( ah hum) some years ago. A little bit sad to see what looks more like Miami Beach than the quaint village we hold in our memories. We pass on to spend the next couple days in the still somewhat quaint “San Jose del Cabo” to re-provision and get a good night’s rest.

Without fail, every night and every morning nature mixes up her paint palette and delivers a new delight for her audience. We are humbled…………

A beautiful day at Ensenada de los Muertos bay. In the dinghy and headed to the coral reef for our first snorkeling adventure! Water sparkling clear and warm, sun is hot, life is good! On shore is an open air restaurant and “Beach Club 1535” where we relaxed post swim with a local cocktail and lunch!

Behind the wheel once again, Jeff proceeds to navigate Samsara to beautiful La Paz, the capital of Baja.

An evening walk to dinner along the “malecort” that perimeters the bay at La Paz. Nearly everyone here wears a mask as protection against the virus and one’s temperature is taken upon entry of any store, restaurant or marina.

Following a long walk through the historic district of La Paz, a perfect dinner at the beautiful outdoor restaurant, NIM, where the food and the service were unparalleled. Shrimp ceviche with olives, capers and tomatoes (amazing), mushroom strudel wrapped in phylo, fresh grilled yellow tail, rich local mole with roasted chicken, rice and local veggies, crispy romaine salad with toasted pistachios and goat cheese, and, of course, flan. Margaritas, beer and California Pinot! Thank goodness we had a trek back to Samsara!

6 thoughts on “11/25 – 12/12/20 Newport Beach to La Paz, BC

    1. James,

      How are things at the castle on the hill? I’m sure you miss Pearl and she misses you. We certainly miss her. Any job prospects yet? Are your parents coming soon?

      Jeff & Katie


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