Kate’s Blog #1

We got to bed at the marina last night about 11. Samsara was tied up tight so she barely moved all night. Jeff and Max got up at 4 and, groggily, I could hear them bustling around on deck releasing the boats tethers and with my eyes closed still I could sense Samsara slowly inching out of our slip and out toward the mouth of the harbor. I laid there and felt my foundation morph from fairly solid to complete liquid as Samsara swayed gently in the ocean and made headway toward our first adventure. It’s an odd sensation to not have something solid beneath ones feet…. and yet the journey begins. When I lamented that I had forgotten to buy GARLIC, Jeff said it was fine because we are here to find ourselves, not cook gourmet meals. I said that if he found himself any more, he might just dissipate into nothingness!! For me, I’m still trying to relax, detach and unwind in preparation for finding myself….. wonder what I’ll think of myself un-teathered and de-stressed??? I hope I recognize me!

Really great to have Max on board. I can assume he is thinking this is a last big luxury before he needs to buckle down and enter the world of the employed once again. He has his fishing lines out and we spent an hour trying to dissuade a sea bird from swallowing the bait as it jumps on the ocean surface behind the boat. Was not about to undertake learning how to cook tern for dinner! Heading towards northern Channel Islands and will anchor for the night so we can all catch up on our sleep. Tomorrow will likely be our first overnight sail which means 4 hrs on and 8 hrs off…. nice to have three deckhands under these circumstances.

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