9/8 – 9/19/20 San Juan Islands to Newport Beach

After several weeks in the beautiful San Juan Islands, we concluded that we had successfully accomplished the first part of our shake down cruise and were eager to head home to plan the next leg of our adventure on the high seas : Newport to Mexico! With plenty of great memories in our hearts, we set sail on Tuesday afternoon, 9/8/20, out of the Straits of Juan de Fuca and into the Pacific graced by a stunning sunset. Expected ETA: 11 days.

More than few nights, Max would join me on my watch or vice versa for a few minutes before heading off to sleep. This was a particularly cold and bleak night with little visibility! Here’s Max tethered in to avoid an overboard accident keeping Samsara on course!

We motored through the smoke and fog for 4 days to Humbolt. The second day out we caught a King Salmon that made for some haute cuisine “good eats”!

Late one chilly night we discovered a small stow-away on board! This little fella decided to hitch a ride for over a day on the back of the boat. He seemed to feel quite at home and indulged in our galley crumbs with no fear. Several times he would take flight over the ocean, circle the boat and then light right back near his food plate. He started to take the term “poop deck” rather seriously so Max made sure he knew he had worn out his welcome.

Off Monterey Bay, we sailed through a virtual sea of mesmerizing jellies! Hundreds of them…


A few moments of peace and quiet: Max, out cold after a long night’s watch duty, Finally a clear day with blue seas, and a contemplative captain taking a moment to exhale and take it all in.

The first of many of Katie’s drawings!

Nearly home and we hit a bit of a rough patch accompanied by 30 knot winds!

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