8/8 – 8/19/20 Newport Beach to Puget Sound

Authored by Jeff

Katie, Max (our son and first mate) and I made our 0400 wake up and untied the lines just before 0430 on Saturday morning, August 8, 2020. Quiet, calm and a little eerie leaving the marina and entering the big ocean. Navigated through the large commercial ships anchored outside the breakwater and watched an enormous container ship exit San Pedro and cross just behind us. Katie went back to their bunks and I made a cup of java. So excited! I can’t believe this is happening…

Our first night out we anchored in Becher Bay on the east side of Santa Rosa Island. We rose at 0300 Sunday to make way to Morro Bay. It was cold.

The ocean was calm and the sea life abundant. We relaxed and took it all in. Our life was about to change….

We saw more wildlife off Point Conception than any other place on our voyage including whales, seals, dolphins and birds. Next stop: Morro Bay and a visit and dinner with one of my childhood friends, Tom Bernardy.

Bixby Bridge in Big Sur, South of Monterey, where we witnessed our daughter Hannah get engaged in 2016!

A wondrous sensation to sail under the Golden Gate Bridge!

We arrived in San Francisco the afternoon of August 11 and anchored off Sausalito.  Next day was my birthday! We rose to a beautiful sunrise over the city, cleaned the boat and went ashore for breakfast and groceries.  In the evening we celebrated together with Max’s college friend and his wife at Bar Bocce.  Very fun!   Rose early to top off our fuel tanks and leave at high tide.

Leaving the Bay Area and heading north to the San Juan Islands.

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee… a lot of excitement when Max caught a 25 lb Ahi tuna the second day out.  Katie made a delicious dinner and we had filet to spare in the freezer!

BIG milestone: rounding Cape Flattery and entering the Straits of Juan de Fuca, between the Washington and Victoria, Canada, the gateway to the San Juan Islands.

A day after entering the Straits and after 6 days at sea, we anchored off Port Townsend, WA. Took the tender in to explore the quaint, historic town, did laundry and had a fine dinner.

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